Pain Management

Opioid Crisis... It's been going on for years. Big Pharmacy has always known the general public's addiction to prescribed pain medications. Its a $345 billion industry. The best thing about Pain is when there is none. Naturally who wants to be addicted.. No one starts off to be but its out of control. We endeavor to change that on so many levels.

Our Motto " Healthy by Design "

Many Brands are developing with an emphasis on CBD adulterated topical balms.We personally subscribe to the individual who wrote the book on Cannabis and Tetrahydrocannabinol.. PhD. Raphael Mechoulam of Israel. It's about the Entourage effect.

We have over (12) different derivations of our Mexican Influenced Brand 'La Curandera' Topical Skin healing balms. We can claim this as its a researched and documented fact. Keeping in mind Ole World Shamanic ..Homeopathic..Organic & Biochemistry Chemistry and Ayurvedic medicine to name a few topics we take Holistic approach to assisting our research associates in formulating a proprietary melange that's effective on so many unexpected levels that positive testimonials just keep rolling in... End user satisfaction is more important that cost..If our topicals didn't work we wouldn't waste our time crafting them...Period!

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Changing the Reefer Madness Stigma
Specific Cultivar Flowers are always used.

Cold Sore Tincture for those that suffer the irritating tale tale sensation and sting followed by that 1st tiny inner soft tissue swelling then burning ..

While researching a possible Natural and Organic cure for Herpes Simplex cure in 2000 many of the plants searched for were not easily obtained. The (Web) wasn't what it is today. So this project was placed o the shelf until 2015. It was then that the idea resurfaced to institute L. Cannabis Sativa because of the many known anti-inflammatory phytomolecules present. Then by accident I thought why not as I applied a specific strain tincture after biting the inside of my lip...Ouch! You know that accidental bite that happens again at the exact same location... So running late for a business meeting I Q-tip swabbed a tincture onto the inner bite location and within 5 minutes low and behold the injury literally reversed in size and without pain. The result is above.

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