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Updated: Oct 24, 2018

How do you stay true to your course when all about you are losing theirs?

As the Cannabis era evolves so will those entities that endeavor to maintain the Status Quo and scientific integrity at levels hopefully greater than before. We will present to our public honest and truthful opinions, reports and developments as we expand.

Introducing our Premiere product a true [pMDI/ Pressurized Metered Dose Inhaler] we claim as the 1st of its kind based upon a proprietary formulation that took several years of R&D to develop . Our principal researcher having had a career in Cardiopulmonary Medicine as a licensed registered Respiratory Care Practitioner with a background as an Allergy Immunology Specialist from 1979 to 1998 while serving in the United States Air Force always thought if could be accomplished. Researchers must understand the variable nature of the Cannabis strains to truly take advantage of its medicinal properties. The goal maintain the phytocannabinoid profile as much as possible. We chose specific strains long known to have such properties with success. It was exciting 5 years ago when this was done.

For many reasons we have declined to file Patent data on what we have coined

'The Melange Process'. Many have tried but without the success that MARA P.I.has had.

Our process was utilized to create the original Smooth Cannabis Inhaler for World famous entertainer Carlos Santana circa 2016. Our process has been on hold due to corporate espionage via 3rd parties but will be on tap in 2019.

Youtube  media for Cannabinoid Extraction
Following the Technology

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